Morten & Michael
HR and part-Owner

Business advice no. 1: “never let family or related people work together in your company!”  Then we made the biggest but best mistake 5-10 years ago.

Morten and Michael are brothers but have grown up apart from each other on the country side – guess now they are catching up on lost time by working, playing, skiing and celebrating together. Besides the relation, they are very different. Morten is a people-person and consider himself to be the best possible HR person this company have ever seen. He knows how to make the perfect cortado and has got side business with catering for anyone who needs a rock-solid feast with lots of gravy for any celebrations. 

Michael is part owner of RVLT, and he is that noisy type that sticks his head into everything and don’t let it go before it is solved. Michael is a workaholic and pull some late hours when he feels like it. He is hard to describe or to put into a certain category. Have you ever heard of a salsa instructor, dog owner, handball coach, hunter and off-piste enthusiast in one person? – well now you have!


Kind to animals, open-minded and a family guy – it almost sounds like a dating profile, but the adjectives very well describes Frank. Meet Frank - he is the warehouse manager of RVLT. Frank oversees the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of a wide range of goods and can spot if a box is out of alignment on huge distance. 

Ultimately, Frank can ensure that productivity targets are achieved and that all warehouse processes are running smoothly and promptly – and he can operate the front fork of the truck to open a beer if needed. Aside from the job scope itself, one factor that significantly influence, how Frank feel about working at RVLT, is the environment and atmosphere. By environment, he means everything that forms part of employees’ involvement with the work itself, such as the relationship with his colleagues, the organizational culture, room for personal development etc. 

Kids and road cycling are his passion, and when he at 3 o’clock shouts out loud “see y’all tomorrow”, he is dressed in leggings, helmet and the fastest sunglasses in town. After a 20-km bike ride home, he shows his eight-year-old son how to handle a love letter from a girl at school.