Morten & Michael
HR and part-Owner

Business advice no. 1: “never let family or related people work together in your company!”  Then we made the biggest but best mistake 5-10 years ago.


Morten and Michael are brothers but have grown up apart from each other on the country side – guess now they are catching up on lost time by working, playing, skiing and celebrating together. Besides the relation, they are very different. Morten is a people-person and consider himself to be the best possible HR person this company have ever seen. He knows how to make the perfect cortado and has got side business with catering for anyone who needs a rock-solid feast with lots of gravy for any celebrations.


Michael is part owner of RVLT, and he is that noisy type that sticks his head into everything and don’t let it go before it is solved. Michael is a workaholic and pull some late hours when he feels like it. He is hard to describe or to put into a certain category. Have you ever heard of a salsa instructor, dog owner, handball coach, hunter and off-piste enthusiast in one person? – well now you have!


Kind to animals, open-minded and a family guy – it almost sounds like a dating profile, but the adjectives very well describes Frank. Meet Frank - he is the warehouse manager of RVLT. Frank oversees the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of a wide range of goods and can spot if a box is out of alignment on huge distance.


Ultimately, Frank can ensure that productivity targets are achieved and that all warehouse processes are running smoothly and promptly – and he can operate the front fork of the truck to open a beer if needed. Aside from the job scope itself, one factor that significantly influence, how Frank feel about working at RVLT, is the environment and atmosphere. By environment, he means everything that forms part of employees’ involvement with the work itself, such as the relationship with his colleagues, the organizational culture, room for personal development etc.


Kids and road cycling are his passion, and when he at 3 o’clock shouts out loud “see y’all tomorrow”, he is dressed in leggings, helmet and the fastest sunglasses in town. After a 20-km bike ride home, he shows his eight-year-old son how to handle a love letter from a girl at school.


A night hawk, who always stumble upon crazy celebrations in the weekend and gladly shares his stories on any given Monday. Alex is young, restless, social and knows how to enjoy life the most.

He has been around for 4 years and is tapping the keyboard with lightning speed – a skill that comes from his second job as a pro-gamer for some bad-ass Counter Strike team. This team attend e-gaming tournaments across the world – very often at night-time, which is why Alex is never in the office before 10 in the morning.

He is a dreamer and in 5 years’ time, he will live in a huge house with a beautiful girl and some serious cars in the driveway – like we said, he is a dreamer.


Without Birgitte, this business would be a complete Armageddon. She is super skilled in putting everything and everybody into a spreadsheet system, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to do 250 styles twice a year.

She is a nerdy creative by heart and mind, trained tailor and fashion designer from the textile school TEKO. Her skills as tailor are useful in securing the right fit of the products - but also very useful, when someone at the office has a pair of lived-in jeans that needs bit of repair.  She appreciates all steps of the process and carefully monitors the journey of the design from idea to finished product. Also, she has keen retentive memory to all pieces, that has left the house over the past 7 years.

Weekends are for her boyfriend, slow cooking, beers, games with their friends and a good flea market within a radius of 100 km. Holidays are for trips, being offline and enjoying food and drinks.


Katerina is easy going, cosy and very nerdy. She knows weird stuff, which nobody else knows (maybe not even Google). She loves underground music, subculture, sci-fi movies and the youth culture from the 80ies has her full attention. When she is not enlightening the office about nice-to-know stuff, she is one of the designers behind RVLT. 

Katerina is a local out of Aarhus. She has a degree in fashion from TEKO and prefers doing men’s fashion, luckily for us. She lives in the heart of Aarhus with the Chef of the organic restaurant SåRT and their one-year-old son. Her favourite dish, Coq Strasbourg is not on the menu, so this comes out of her own kitchen.

Katerina is committed to advancing the fit and function of fashion with responsibly sourced materials and talent. She is mainly inspired by youth nostalgia and the 90ies - she creates wearable pieces utilizing these design elements. Recently, her work has focused on different colours, the 1990ies and the interaction between the sport and clothing.


With a never-ending smile on her face, Sidsel is the main designer for Selfhood. She is, like any other true creative, not so keen on structures and systems, but she is all-in when it comes to bright forward moving fashion ideas. She has been organizing street parties, designing menswear and educating the next generation of designers in the time before she joined us.

She wears either black, white or blue, always tone in tone – it’s a fashion thing. Furthermore, she believes that any wardrobe need at least one pair of Vans. Around her neck is the letter K in a necklace and on her leg a tattooed anchor as a daily reminder of her kids.
When she needs to escape the buzz of the office and focus her head a bit, she enjoys electronic music and black coffee. When she loses focus, she shares the most inappropriate images found on the world-wide web.


Sidsel is a designer who feels compelled to expose the uniqueness of female individuality. Her design language is cutting edge and rooted in her fascination with tactility, contrasts and fashion history in general. She has always found inspiration in researching the heritage of cultures from around the world, merging those sources of inspiration with her passion, perfection and ability to turn unlikely scraps into fashion forward styles.

Valdemar is the youngest at the office and works to earn money, so he can buy the latest pair of ridiculous expensive football boots, an iPhone 7 or top notch skiing equipment. He works two days a week in the afternoon after school.

Valdemar is very much into football; he plays 3-4 times a week and pulls off the latest models in football boots and the jersey of his favourite player – Andrea Pirlo.

He will one day be pro at something – football, skiing or some other physical activity, which doesn’t include PokemonGo.

Founder & part-Owner

The grand old man and co-founder back in 1995. At that time business was second to surfing and snowboarding, and here, 20 years later, the passion is still there but priorities such as family and business has pushed the snowboarding down the ladder. It is not so much the physical abilities, no no, not at all.

The hair is still long but a few grey tones here and there show, that he is, in fact the oldest man in the company. He divides his time between Denmark and Austria, where the rest of his family lives.

Christian’s DNA is being nice to everybody, and his state of mind is a corner stone in the company he started like a million years ago.

He has been around a study in both physics and architecture before he finally found his right path with a study within photography and film. Don’t ask him anything about the mystery of the universe unless you are ready for a joyride into black holes and parallel universes for at least a couple of hours.

Frederik shoots, plans and organizes photos and video projects together with us – but one day he will follow his dream of becoming a screenplay director. He claims he already has the script for a giant blockbuster.

Frederik is Katerina’s brother, he knows his way around YouTube and Vimeo, and enjoys late hours drifting out to the more obscure of the internet.

Actually, we don’t know who brought him in, but he has his own wood workshop in a part of the RVLT warehouse. In his own little man-cave he creates everything in wood for us, for fairs, our office as well as retail interior solutions.

No matter how far away he is from the office you can be sure that he will show up when food is on the table at 12.

Carle is a true one-man-army, who knows no limits of what can be made in wood – everything is possible and quite frankly, it does not matter who brought him in. He is joyful, quite nice and of course very useful to have around.

He might not have invented Excel, but almost – if Jesper was to be president of the world, you could be sure that it would be well structured and organized in different columns and colors.

Jesper is the back-bone of the back-office. He tests, analyzes and secures that everything is bullet proof and on time - maybe even a bit ahead of time.

He use to brag about how he once was to be a well-respected goalkeeper with the highest saving rate anyone have ever seen…. Well that was in the old days. Nowadays, he is a proud farther, a golfer, in a relationship with a dietitian and therefore super healthy.